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It is Basin PBS' mission to see that telecommunication and broadcast media are used to advance education, culture and community throughout our Permian Basin home. We're here to empower West Texas' most valuable resource...YOU!

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Basin PBS serves the Permian Basin with programming and services of the highest quality. We use media and programs like WESTERN PERSPECTIVE to inform, inspire, entertain, educate and express a diversity of perspectives.


As a trusted, community-owned, non-profit asset, Basin PBS empowers West Texans to achieve their potential and strengthens the social, democratic and cultural health of the Permian Basin. We, quite literally, belong to you, serve you and need you.


Basin PBS will touch the lives of West Texans by advancing their ability to learn and succeed. Basin PBS will be the most trusted, valued and supported media organization in the Permian Basin.


Daphne Dowdy DirectsCelebrating Proud Heritage 2007. From left: Pat Canty; Daphne Dowdy Jackson, George Coombes, Alice Coombes. Earle Craig, Jr., Earl Rodman Jr., Jane Wolf.

Trust is the foundation of Basin PBS and PBS. We are valued for our integrity, independence and investment in the Permian Basin community we call home.

We take pride in delivering the gold standard for high-quality content.

Serving the public is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to making a difference in people's lives and in the Permian Basin.

We respect our audience's intelligence and ability to draw their own conclusions.

We celebrate cultural differences and embrace diverse perspectives.

Jane Wolf and Ken BurnsJane Wolf with Pool Webb and filmmaker Ken Burns

We are committed to the education of West Texans, with a special emphasis on the development of young children.

We do all of this under the guidance of a community board made up of local volunteers who feel as strongly about the value of public television as you do. These volunteers created Permian Basin Public Telecommunications, Incorporated in 2005 specifically to build public television into a broadcast and community service leader.

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