Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Basin PBS is a community-licensed station managed by a Board of Directors. One way we receive community input is through the Community Advisory Board.

The Community Advisory Board typically meets twice a year, spring & fall at 12 noon. Call the station for location: 432-563-5728

The role of the CAB is to to advise the station's governing body on whether the station's programming and other significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station and to make recommendations the CAB deems appropriate to meet such needs.

The CAB's role is advisory in nature but may have other responsibilities delegated to it by the station or its governing body. However, the CAB must not exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station.



Basin PBS Community Advisory Board Members 2017-18

Tracy Austin
Sara Bustilloz
Derek Catsam
Adrianne Cliffton
Bill Dingus
Gary Douglas
Renee Earls
Lee Anna Good
Andrea Goodson
Randy Ham
Danny Holeva
Alan Kaup
Paul Kenworthy
Janet Lawrence
Joy Maraio
Carma-Lynn Muscroft
Claire Nelson
Kathy Swindler
Lynn VanAmburg
Emily Weingberg
Cookie Wetendorf
Linda Wiest
Claire Woodcock, Chair