Every quarter, Basin PBS, KPBT-TV must prepare and place in its Public File a list of programs that have been aired addressing their most significant treatment of community issues during the preceding three months. The documents on our public FCC page supply information regarding the local, regional and national programming that Basin PBS, KPBT-TV has provided within the last quarter. You find these files on the FCC site, along with a summary information about licensed television broadcast stations and access to each station’s “public file.”

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Basin PBS Local Content and Service Report
Icon Local content and service report 2018 (5.2 MB)

Basin PBS 2017 990
Icon Basin PBS 2017 990 (955.3 KB)

​KPBT/BasinPBS FY2018 Audit
Icon ​KPBT/BasinPBS FY2018 Audit (6.1 MB)

2018 EEO
Icon 2018 EEO (61.8 KB)

FY17 Approved AFR
Icon 2017 financial stmt-final (318.9 KB)

Basin PBS Repack License
Icon Repack License (188.1 KB)

Basin PBS Open Meetings Policy
Meetings of the Basin PBS Board of Directors, its committees, and the Basin PBS Community Advisory Board (CAB) are open to the public. Members of the public who are interested in attending a meeting should phone 432-563-5728 to RSVP. For a list of scheduled board meetings
click here. For a list of scheduled CAB meeting click here. Basin PBS complies with CPB guidelines for open meetings. 

Diversity Policy
Basin PBS strives to reflect the diversity of the communities it serves in all facets, including programming content, staffing, marketing, media relations and vendor relationships.

Icon Click here to review our official Diversity Policy (53.0 KB)

Commitment to Diversity
Basin PBS, as an affiliate to the nation’s leading source of quality programming and other telecommunications services, recognizes that we live in a rapidly changing global marketplace and values diverse perspectives, experience and traditions.  Basin PBS is committed to providing programs, products and services that respond to the educational and informational needs of the diverse cultures within our society.  The organization is committed to maintaining a diverse staff at all levels and seeks to work with producers and other service providers that have diverse workforces as well.  These efforts enable Basin PBS to complete more effective in today’s broadening global marketplace.

1. Basin PBS is committed to having a diverse workforce at all levels of the organization;
2. Basin PBS is committed to providing programs, products and services that respond to the educational and informational needs of a diverse Permian Basin; and,
3. Basin PBS will seek to do business with diverse producers and other service providers (vendors and suppliers) and/or entities that have diverse workforces.

The CPB Annual Financial Report (AFR) and Station Activity Benchmark Survey (SABS) is available upon request.

For more information please contact us at 432-563-5728 or email