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Basin PBS Kids Club Membership

Kids can start early and become a part of something all on their own.

Benefits include:
Membership card
Birthday greetings
Invitations to special events 

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Individual Membership
$50 (sustainer $5/mo)

Individual members provide the foundation on which all of Basin PBS's success is built. Members keep Basin PBS independent and unrestrained by influences that affect commercial programming.

Benefits include:
Membership card
Monthly schedule e-mailed straight to your inbox 

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Family Membership
$75  (sustainer $7/mo) 

With something for each member of your family, you can make everyone happy with a Family Membership.

Benefits include:
Receive the Basin PBS 'Do More, Family Guide'
All the benefits of the Individual Membership 

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Basin PBS Club
$150 (sustainer $13/mo)

Keep arts and culture at your fingertips. Stay connected to the programs you are passionate about by joining the Basin PBS Club.

Benefits include:
Tailored content that suits your interested sent straight to your inbox
Invitations to special events
All the benefits of Individual Membership 

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Directors Chair
$365 ($1/day)
(sustainer $30.50/mo) 

Take a leadership role with others in the community for just $1 a day!

Benefits include:
Tour of Basin PBS studio/offices (once we are in the Ritz)
Any behind the scenes experiences available
All the benefits of the Basin PBS Club Membership 

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Broadcasters Circle
$500 ($42/mo) 

Support the mission and contact on Basin PBS including national programming like PBS Kids, Masterpiece Theater, Nature, NOVA, PBS NewsHour and Frontline as well as local shows such as Western Perspective and One Square Mile.

Benefits include:
Invitations to exclusive events
VIP receptions
All the benefits of the Director's Chair Membership 

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Producers Chair
$1,000 (sustainer $84/mo) 

Producer's Chair members have the distinction of being among Basin PBS's most generous annual contributors, sustaining Basin PBS as a public media resource available and free to all.

Benefits include:
On-air recognition
All the benefits of the Broadcaster's Circle Membership 

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Executive Producer
$5,000 (sustainer $417/mo) 

Committed to excellence, Executive Producers ensure that Basin PBS continues serving the community and opening worlds of possibilities.

Benefits include:
Recognition at the Ritz
Basin PBS annual report
All the benefits of the Producer's Chair Membership 

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