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At-Home Learning

As part of our public media mission to ensure all kids, regardless of their capabilities, have access to continued free educational resources at home, Basin PBS is offering broadcast programming and accompanying digital resources that adhere to Texas state curriculum to provide continued at-home learning.

Below you'll find resources to expand learning and family engagement with our At-Home Learning on-air programming and digital assets.

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6am — Friday, September 25
Molly of Denali (Literacy)
Episode: Operation Sleepover/Beneath the Surface
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Molly of Denali | Collection
Ice Fishing! | DragonFly TV Experiements
Climate and Ice

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6:30am — Friday, September 25
Wild Kratts (Science, Natural History/Animals)
Episode: Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia
Wild Kratts | Collection
The Nose-y Nose! | Wild Kratts
Virtual Field Trip Video: China's Great Forests | Nature Works Everywhere

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7am — Friday, September 25
Hero Elementary (Science/Engineering)
Episode: Dog in the Fog/Bye, Bye Dragonfly
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Hero Elementary | Collection
Nature Nuggets: Spiders at Work

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7:30am — Friday, September 25
Xavier Riddle & The Secret Museum
(Social/Emotional, History)
Episode: I Am Maya Angelou/I Am Frederick Douglass
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia
Xavier Riddle & The Secret Museum
Sons of Poetry | Sesame Street
Poem: Brush Dance | Between the Lions Early Reading

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8am — Friday, September 25
Curious George
Episode: DJ George/Curious George Paints the Desert
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Curious George STEM
A Mars Desert and an Earth Desert | Ready Jet Go!

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8:30am — Friday, September 25
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Social/Emotional)
Episode: A New Friend at School/A New Friend at the Playground
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | Collection
New Friends | Mister Chris and Friends
With a Friend | Everyday Learning

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9am — Friday, September 25
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Social/Emotional)
Episode: Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell a Story
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | Collection
Help Each Other | The Healthy Kids Project
Be a Helper | Meet the Helpers

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9:30am — Friday, September 25
Elinor Wonders Why (Science/Engineering)
Episode: Mz. Mole's Glasses/Elinor Stops the Squish
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Elinor Wonders Why | Collection
Curious George: Five Senses
Smell This! | Dinosaur Train

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10am — Friday, September 25
Sesame Street (Social/Emotional)
Episode: Pigs for Another Day
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Sesame Street | Collection
Keep Trying, You'll Get Better! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Try, Try, Try! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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10:30am — Friday, September 25
Pinkalicious & Peterrific (The Arts)
Episode: Whale of a Song/Pinkabubbles
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Pinkalicious & Peterrific | Collection
Bubble Exploration | 60 Second Science
Bubble Prints | 60 Second Science

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11am — Friday, September 25
Peg + Cat (Math)
Episode: The Sam Problem/Mac the Fork
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia &
Peg + Cat | Collection
Two Kinds of Division
Cell Division - Cyberchase | PBS KIDS Lab

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11:30am — Friday, September 25
Odd Squad (Math)
Episode: Flawed Squad/The Creatue Whisperer
Related Resources: PBS LearningMedia
Odd Squad | Collection
Inventing Bar Graphs | Cyberchase
Curious George: Graphing

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3:30pm — Friday, September 25
Poetry in America (American Literature)
Episode: Urban Love Poem: Marilyn Chin
Releated Resources: PBS LearningMedia & Poetry Foundation
The Floral Apron, by Marilyn Chin
Marilyn Chin - Biography