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At-Home Learning Toolkit

With our schools closed for an indefinite period of time to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, keeping our kids educated and engaged requires special resources and partnerships.

These tools and materials have been specially curated for parents and caregivers with school-aged children at home, as well as for educators who are teaching.

Distance Teaching

>> Special Teacher Resources

PBS LearningMedia is a huge collection of curated resources — videos, lesson plans, games, activities, documents and other materials — for all grades and core subject areas. Access is FREE and most items are aligned to the TEKS or Texas PK Guidelines. Many PBS LearningMedia resources are based on the amazing PBS programming you love such as NOVA, American Experience, and Masterpiece. You can also find content that's organized in broad topic areas by clicking on "Subjects" in the bright blue bar at the top of the page.

Examples include:

TIP: Create an account for full access to PBS LearningMedia. That makes for easy alignment to Texas instructional standards and provides tolls for storing items you want to share through Google Classroom and other services. Registration is fast and worth the effort!

>> Printables

If you are looking for educational resources to download and print out, PBS LearningMedia offers excellent options.

>> Tips for Teachers

  • Virus Information and Prevention — Need help introducing the topic of coronavirus to students? These resources for all grades explore the nature of viruses, how they are transmitted and the healthy habits we can all engage in to prevent their spread.